Valhalla-Age Essence is the only server with the highest online among all other projects in the CIS, Europe, and America.

Improved game mechanics
Catch Up system
Live game
Fixed respawn system for bosses
In-game DKP system
Class balance
Improved clan system
Stage game
Balanced donation

Improved Game Mechanics

Comfortable farming system combined with useful additions to enhance the gaming experience. Enhanced auto-hunting system, group points, Fake Epic system, and much more will open up a wide range of possibilities on your gaming adventure path.

Catch Up System

Starting to play at a later stage is not a problem! Our dynamic rate mechanisms and special catch-up sets will accelerate the development of your character at any stage of the game.

Living Game

We have gathered the most stable and active gaming audience. The in-game atmosphere will never let you get bored and guarantees exciting adventures and battles 24/7.

Fixed Boss Respawn System

Allows you to know and plan the time for bloody battles in advance, providing unforgettable experiences.

In-Game DKP System

Fair distribution of loot. Earn points for killing bosses and exchange them for valuable items.

Class Balance

Here you can play any class to its full extent and not feel the domination of one over the other. Each class is maximally balanced in terms of mechanics and skills.

Enhanced Clan System

We have implemented classic clan wars combined with a modern management system. Clan members can receive benefits such as passive skills, buffs, and an exclusive clan shop.

Staged Gameplay

Game content will be gradually filled as the server develops, allowing for a longer service life and sustaining players' prolonged interest. Logically structured, planned development of the gameplay will avoid early peak achievement to maximize enjoyment of the game.

Balanced Donation

The progress and might of your character are in your hands! We guarantee that every player can progress and develop their character. In-game, you can obtain L-Coins through monster hunting.


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